Richard Ross

Richard Ross

Richard Ross


About Me.

Practitioner, Trainer.

I am experienced Agile Practitioner with patience, persistence and reportedly some sense of humor.
My mission is to ease out product development struggle and introduce to people the comfort of sustainable pace of work and delivery. I put great emphasis on transparency and visualization, to make sure that everyone truly understands what’s going on.

I have helped companies to start up their agile journeys as well as helped established agile teams to challenge their status quo.

I am Professional Scrum Trainer™ with, Professional Kanban Trainer™ with, candidate LeSS Trainer with LeSS Company and I provide certified trainings & certified trainings
- both public and private (upon request - please get in touch with me).

Listed public trainings can be found on - the only platform in the whole world that offers both and trainings in Czech (and also English :-)).

For more details, check out:

I also provide workshops, coaching & consultations.


  • NameRichard Ross
  • LocationPrague, Czech Rep.
  • Phone(+420) 732 40 58 28
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What can I do for you

Large Scale Scrum

My main focus is to help organizations through their agile transformation. Intensive on-site coaching complemented with trainings and workshops.


I provide certified trainings, trainings, In-house & Public classes. Stripping off agile myths and misconseptions. Real understadning of adaptivness.

Full-time Scrum Master

I can join your organization as a near-full time Scrum Master. Actively working with the teams, POs and the rest of the company.

Workshops & Consulting

I conduct workshops for teams - Product Definition, Definition of Done, Working agreements, Estimations and more. I also provide various assessments.


My Resume.


  • Trainer, 2022 -

    Fellow Trainer. Providing public and private
    and trainings via

  • Trainer, 2021 - 2022

    Started my own platform to provide certified & trainings.

  • Scrum Master

    Global Payments Europe, 2019 -

    Serving company, product owners and teams as a Scrum Master. Workshops, training, coaching.

  • Agile Coach

    NN Životní pojišťovna N.V., 2018 - 2019

    Together with my associate I participated in LeSS adoption for NN Životní pojišťovna N.V. Removing product development suffering stemming from handovers and silos, bringing business to the development, enabling faster feedback loops and improving overall adaptiveness. Focusing on creating learning organization. Multi-team development within one large product; Scrum trainings (also for organization / people outside of LeSS structure), workshops, intensive onsite coaching.

  • Agile Coach

    NN IT Hub, 2017 - 2018

    Local coach (NN IT Hub Prague) for global DevOps transformation program (85 teams) within CIO organization. Experimenting with Scrum in operational environment. Scrum trainings, agile workshops, continuous coaching of several teams (single site + multi site).

  • Agile Coach

    Deutsche Boerse, 2017

    Together with my associate I helped to start LeSS adoption in Energy division. Scrum training, kick off, teams forming, agile related workshops (Product Definition, DoD, estimations, working agreements...), LeSS structure, onsite coaching for several sprints.

  • Scrum Master

    ZOOM International, 2015 - 2017

    Scrum Master for several teams both co-located and globally dispersed. Coaching junior Scrum Masters. Promoting and educating agile and lean principles and practices among Product Owners, Team members and the rest of the company. Release plannings. Process change management. Kanban transition. Kaizen.

  • Scrum Master

    Actum, 2014 - 2015

    Participated as a Scrum Master in global development project for METRO Cash & Carry. Introducing Scrum principles to a rigid environment and transforming waterfall-ish development team into "more adaptive" mode. Endlessly explaining stuff to the traditional-way-of-thinking mindsets, improving working conditions and environment to foster collaboration, productivity and sustainable pace of development. Always in search for improvements to the working model. Apart of Scrum Master role, I was also involved in project management - financial part of the projects, proposals, planning, outsourcing, responsibility for the projects, risk controlling etc.

  • Founder

    Dev In Motion Limited, 2014

    Custom mobile & web development.

  • Project Manager

    Pears Health Cyber, 2012 - 2014

    Project management starting by kick-off to the final closing. Project definition, financial and time estimates. Seeking & acquiring new dev. resources. International projects (Johnson & Johnson, A-Cross Health, Janssen-Cilag, Boehringer Ingelheim…) – content for iOS presentation platforms (Veeva, Agnitio), iOS apps, web based systems, classic web presentations, localizations etc. Pharma industry.

  • Programmer

    Self-employed, 2010 - 2013

    Developing web sites & web applications.

  • Web Developer

    Reader's Digest, 2010 - 2012

    Implementing & adapting global RD web-platform for Czech market. Involved in world-wide development team. Developing microsites to support sales.

  • Web Developer

    4 Motion Design, 2009 - 2010

    Developing web sites & web applications.

  • Project Leader

    Gopas, 2007 - 2008

    Managing team of developers producing highly interactive e-learning tools. Focused on MS Office, mainly Access.


Professional Scrum Trainer™
Professional Kanban Trainer™
Candidate LeSS Trainer
Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP-SM)
Certified Disciplined Agilist
Prince 2 Foundation


University of Economics in Prague Bachelor & Master's degree, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics,
Private High School of Computer Technology High school,

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Prague, Czech Republic
+420 732 40 58 28